22 November 2023

Principles of translation of accounting texts

When translating accounting texts, it is worth remembering the following principles:

1. Use appropriate accounting and financial terminology in the source and target languages in order to ensure accuracy and understanding of the translation.

2. Have knowledge of applicable accounting principles in the source and destination countries and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), if applicable.

3. Pay attention to the specific legal, tax and accounting regulations applicable  in the destination country and take them into account in the process of translation.

4. Maintain consistency in document formatting, including table layout, currency units, number systems and date formats in accordance with standards in the destination country.

5. Strive to ensure the highest quality and reliability of the translation, taking care of the content and form of the documents.

By applying these principles, you can deliver professional and reliable translation of accounting texts, tailored to the needs of the recipients in the destination country.

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