05 August 2023

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Website translation is an important aspect in today's global business world. By doing website translation we can reach a wider audience and make an expansion into foreign markets. Here are some important principles to consider when translating websites:

1. Understand your target audience: Before you move forward with translation, it is important to thoroughly understand your target audience. What are their linguistic and cultural preferences? By doing so, you will be able to tailor the translation to make it more engaging and effective.

2 Maintain brand consistency: Translate not only the words, but also the brand message, style and values. Your translation must reflect brand identity and speak to your audience in a way that meets their expectations.

3 Take cultural differences into account: Different cultures are characterized by different ways of communication and different preferences when it comes to web design. Be sure to take these differences into account to avoid potential misunderstandings.

4 Avoid literal translation: Literal translation can lead to errors and cause misunderstanding. Try to keep the sense of the original text and adapt it to the target language in order to maintain consistency and  ensure comprehensibility.

5. Transparency and clarity: Websites should be easy to navigate and understand. Make sure the translation is clear, understandable, and does not create confusion for users.

6 Testing and review: Once the translation has been done, don't forget to test it for functionality and effectiveness. Also ask others who speak the target language to check the translation and provide you with the necessary feedback. This will allow you to make corrections and improve the translation.

7. Update and focus on consistency: Websites change and evolve frequently. Make sure your translation is up to date and consistent with the latest content available on the site. Focus on consistency plays a key role in maintaining a professional appearance and credibility.

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Vladyslav Dombrovskyi

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